Tuesday, June 14, 2011

President of Romania met with representatives of the Romanian community living in the UK

Embassy of Romania – London/ On 6 June 2011, President of Romania, Mr Traian Băsescu, on an official visit to London, met with representatives of the Romanian community living in the UK. There were present personalities of the Romanian Diaspora, businessmen holding top positions in the City banking system, health care professionals, renowned artists, directors of prestigious think tanks, architects, professors, students from different universities as Cambridge, Edinburgh, East Anglia, London School of Economics, London Metropolitan, Nottingham, Oxford, Oxford Brookes, members of the Romanian associations, Romanian priests and members of their respective religious communities, representatives of successful Romanian companies based in the UK, Romanian journalists and correspondents accredited in London, as well as representatives of the Romanian language media.

The questions addressed by the audience covered various aspects, such as: the reform of the Romanian medical system, the support of the Romanian Government for projects of preserving the national heritage, the fulfilment of Romania’s obligations as a member of NATO, the restrictions on the labour market imposed by the British Government to Romanian citizens, joint research projects, the President of Romania’s priorities for the rest of his mandate, the absorption of structural funds, projects in agriculture, plans of introducing private management at the state owned companies and the reform of the social system.

After the meeting with the President of Romania, the participants were invited to a reception offered by the Embassy of Romania in London and organized with the generous support of the PiLON, Refurbishment and Building Company.


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