Monday, October 27, 2014

"Capturing Carpathia" by George Butler Monday 27 October 2014, London

Global Heritage Fund UK with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute in London opened today the exhibition 
"Capturing Carpathia" by George Butler. 

On display is an exhibition of drawings that illustrate life in the Carpathian Villages of Transylvania , exploring portraits and scenes of daily life of rural Romania.

"I know all the names of all the people I drew; I know where they live; they know who I am. It's personal and I hope all of those things come across in the images", says the artist George Butler. 
The caracters become animated on incredibile light and details of the artist inspiration. For a moment you expect to hear music of the forest or the cristal wisper of the source going down in the valey. A remarkable deep view , just enough to feel again home. 
To complete the serie of All Romanian events there are 2 more occasion to explore the riche expression of Romanian life :

Dracula Untold Screening 

NBC Universal Private Screening Room
Central Saint Giles
St. Giles High Street
WC2H 8AG London
United Kingdom
Many thanks to the organisers. 

Dr. Ionela Flood
Romanca Society 

Monday, October 13, 2014

SADEEY EU youth exchange project 2014 Turkey - Day 3

*A seminar by the Dean of Education Faculty of Akdeniz University on Education system in Europe
seminer, sharing experience
*Meeting with mayor and local officials visiting officials
PM * Workshop: Young people's labor market by Portugal presentations, role plays
21.00 *Country presentation: Latvia presentations, role plays, learning about national dances

Dr Ionela Flood

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Octobwr 2014 -Dracula comes to Custom House, Canning Town & Beckton Libraries !

One of the dimensions where Romania sometimes suffers from British fantasies and mis-information is the Victorian melodrama by Bram Stoker of "Dracula", which was fictionally linked to Transylvania and extremely loosely based on your medieval warrior king Vlad. So "Dracula" and Gothic melodrama is ever associated with Romania by many British.

In order for you and your families to see for yourselves an example of a modern British theatrical interpretation of "Dracula" which seems to be considered as appropriate for the upcoming Haloween period, I attach details of performances that are being put on in three Newham Libraries ( see attached and below ) during the week before and during half-term coming up.

Let me know if you might be interested in attending with your families and whether you have a firm preference for one date/ venue in particular. As there are not lots of tickets for each performance being held in Libraries, it is probably necessary to book immediately.

In the meantime, I am trying to find out if there are any references to King Vlad, Transylvania or Romania in the play. If so, it might be justified for you to turn up in national dress and throw eggs and tomatoes at the actors in our Shakespearian tradition.

Kind regards,    Martin 

Martin Pinder, Hon. Secretary, Newham Partnership for Complementary Education, Mansfield House, 30 Avenons Road, Plaistow, London E13 8HT Mobile 07951 815621                                                                                                                                   

Subject: Dracula comes to Custom House and Canning Town Library!
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2014 12:11:56 +0000



by Bram Stoker

adapted and directed by Kate McGregor



Theatre6 and Open Book proudly present the greatest vampire story ever told; Dracula. This theatrical tour is a new adaptation of the classic Gothic tale of Dracula, in an immersive, site-specific production that remains true to Stoker's terrifying masterpiece. An ensemble cast uses inventive performance and original music to create a haunting theatrical production that will transform some of London's most beautiful libraries this Halloween.


Dracula; the greatest vampire story ever told.


London. 2014. The local council has called a general meeting at the library to address the disappearance of animals and children from the area. As events unfold, local man Jack unveils a collection of letters that may help solve this mystery.  And so begins the terrifying story of Dracula. Dark, twisted and timeless, experience Dracula like never before this Halloween.


Adapted by Kate McGregor, this honest adaptation uses the original story and interweaves a modern tale through the classic Bram Stoker text. It is a scary and inventive piece suitable for adults and young audiences but not for the faint of heart.


Running time: 2hours and 20minutes with an interval

Adult themes and content. Contains scenes of a violent nature

Recommended age 12+

Concession ticket prices available



Box Office Information


Tickets £10/£8 concessions

Online Booking


Wednesday 22nd October, 6.30pm

Canning Town Library

Barking Rd, London E16 4HQ


Tuesday 28th October, 6.30pm

Custom House Library

Prince Regent Ln, London E16 3JJ


Wednesday 29th October, 7pm

Beckton Library

1 Kingsford Way, London E6 5JQ


See the entire tour online at: and




Leila Nicholas I Community Neighbourhood Senior Officer I Custom House and Canning Town Community Neighbourhood

Strategic Commissioning & Community Directorate

London Borough of Newham

Newham Dockside I 1000 Dockside Road I London I E16 2QU

DDI: 020 3373 3205 I Int: 33205 I Mobile: 07896 346534 I Follow us on Twitter @newhamlondon





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SADEEY EU Youth Exchange in Turkey 2014-Day 2

AMWorkshop: "Map of your national education system" *Icebreakers, warm-up activities, energizer games
workshop, creative tasks,
PMPresentation of the workhop and results on project board presentations and board activities, sharing experience, exchanging ideas
20.30*Country presentation: Czech Republic / and Portugal presentations, role plays, learning about national dances

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SADEEY EU Project 2014 -Turkey Youth Exchange day 1

* Introducing the Youth programmes, Youthpass, the project, activities
participants, organizing the international teams
*Icebreakers, warm-up activities, name games, team building games                                                                                                                      
Fears and hopes activity creative tasks, meeting with leaders

*Organizing post boxes / workshop "National education system in your country workshop, exchanging ideas

Country Presentation:Turkey/A real village life and wedding in Kızılkaya village real life activities, learning about Turkish dances

Dr Ionela Flood
Romanca Society

Romanca Society represents UK youth in EU project "Similarities and Differences in Education of European Youth 2014-1-TR01-KA105-002616

The EU project "Similarities and Differences in Education of European Youth" take place in Turkey 11-18 October 2014 .

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fwd: Call for participants 11-18 October 2014 in Turkey/Antalya for the EU partnership



Romanca Society received a great news that is taking part in a exchange  

 mobility Erasmus + ,during  11-18 October 2014 in Turkey/Antalya for the EU  partnership

project "Similarities and Differences in Education of European Youth"

coordinated by EUROTEAM ANTALIA .


The project is a partnership of 6 countries: Turkey, Czech Republic, Portugal, Latvia, Italy and UK.


Romanca Society representing UK youth with 6 delegates: one leader and 5 participants.

I am in the process to recruit 2 more people (2 male or 1 male+1 female) to get together a UK  team of young people that will participate in the exchange on 11-18 October.


Please let me know if you can recommend 2 young people preferably 18 years old to take part in this project.

The project admits also youth 14-18 years old but in order to travel is  need to provide power of attorney from the parents to travel abroad.

I will travel with them for this project and coordinate the activities in UK and Turkey for this project.


The project criteria set out that:


1 Financial arrangements:

Ø  Accommodation is free , being supported by the project in government youth camps place at

Ø  Air flight tickets will be reimbursed after the trip and the  presentation of all original travel documents to EUROTEAM ANTALYA (by post )  but not more then 270 Euros per person.

Ø   If we exceed this limit we need to cover the difference by own money, so is essential to contact me as soon you decide to take part in the project.

Ø  It is expected that the participant will be able to buy the air ticket for the mobility and wait for the reimbursement at the end of the project (end of October)

Ø  Antalya local transport will be covered by the EUROTEAM ANTALYA: airport transfer , local journeys

Ø   The food is not covered by the project unfortunately so we relay on pocket money

Ø  Visa expenses (depending on the nationality )  if necessary,  will be covered individually

Ø  Power of attorney from parents (for participants 14-17 years old  to be presented to border agency ) need to be paid individually


2.Project Meeting days (8 days): 11-18 October, 2014

The activities will start in the morning of 11th and will end in the evening of 18th October, 2014.

The team need to buy all tickets at once in order to travel together. The prices are going up so an earlier answer from those interested will be most beneficial.


3) The project place is in Antalya city/Turkey . Your transfer from / to airport will be provived by EURO TEAM ANTALYA .


4) We will need equally gendered 5 participants and one group leader from each partner organization. I recruit already 3 participants , I am looking for 2 more participants from UK.


5) The summary of project:

The project "Similarities and Differences in Education of European Youth" is a multilateral youth exchange that takes place in Antalya, Turkey in October 9-16, 2014. "Similarities and Differences in Education of European Youth" involves 30 participants (five participants from each country) genders equally balanced between 15-18 years old and 6 group leaders (one leader from each country) coming from Czech Republic, Portugal, Latvia, United Kingdom, Italy and Turkey.

The main theme of the project is to learn the educational systems in European countries: Our goal is to share educational experiences and cultural differences either in formal or informal fields between young people coming from different EU Countries.

The project also analyse these connections related to education:

Ø  Young people's labour market;

Ø  European Citizenship;

Ø  Intercultural Learning.

The project is developed in 3 phases:

Preparation: The participants within their organization prepare an enquire about the education and the other topic of the exchange both with questionnaires and audio interviews.

Implementation: During the first days of the exchange there are integration and group building activities, non-formal workshops on the topic of the exchange, trip to some historical places, a seminar by the Dean of Education Faculty of Akdeniz University".

The materials used and collected during and before the exchange are used to prepare a radio program that is aired live on TRT Antalya Radio on October 15th, 2014.

Evaluation: There is an ongoing evaluation during the project and a final evaluation on the last day of the exchange.


And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask please.

Please feel free to circulate this email to your appropriate  links if you know someone that may be interested .


Kind regards

Ionela Flood


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Romanca Society participation at W12 Festival 2014 , London

W12 Festival in London generate a busy time for August diary of activity in White City. The Mayor of LBHF opened the W12 Festival with a focus on the White City community development .