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Invitation_EESC conference on Refugees' labour market integration (Brussels, 15.10.2015)

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15/10 – Invitation
Refugees' labour market integration:
challenges and initiatives to maximise potential
Conference organised by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)
Thursday 15 October 2015: 2.30 – 6.00 p.m. 
Venue: EESC, Room VMA 3, Rue Van Maerlant 2, 1040 Brussels
The European Economic and Social Committee has the pleasure to invite you to its conference on "Refugees' labour market integration: Obstacles and initiatives to maximise potential".  
The conference will focus on the employment of refugees and other beneficiaries of international protection. Having a job will ease social integration, diminish reliance on social benefits and increase the possibility to find decent housing. Employed refugees will contribute to the social security system and their increased spending on consumer goods will be beneficial to the economy as a whole. Over time, this can help European countries to address demographic decline, ageing populations and shortages on the labour market, which will benefit both the refugees' concerned and the host societies. 
Stakeholders from various backgrounds will come together to look at the obstacles and challenges encountered, as well as discuss initiatives that aim to foster refugees' labour market integration.
The event takes place in the context of the EESC opinion on the European Agenda on Migration and aims to produce recommendations to the EU institutions that can be included in that opinion.
On the programme: representatives from the European Commission, UNHCR, the German public employment service, a business federation and civil society.  
Register, join us and take part in the debates!     
Venue: EESC, Room VMA 3, Rue Van Maerlant 2, 1040 Brussels
Thursday 15 October 2015: 2.30 – 6.00 p.m.

15/10 – Invitation
L'intégration des réfugiés au marché du travail:
défis et initiatives pour en maximiser le potentiel
Conférence organisée par le Comité économique et social européen (CESE)
Jeudi 15 octobre 2015: 14h30 – 18h00
Lieu: CESE, salle VMA 3, rue Van Maerlant 2, 1040 Bruxelles
Le Comité économique et social européen a le plaisir de vous inviter à sa conférence sur «L'intégration des réfugiés au marché du travail: obstacles et initiatives visant à en maximiser le potentiel».
La conférence se concentrera sur l'emploi des réfugiés et autres bénéficiaires de la protection internationale. Avoir un emploi facilitera leur intégration sociale, réduira leur dépendance vis-à-vis des prestations sociales et augmentera leurs possibilités de trouver un logement décent. Les réfugiés ayant un emploi contribueront au système de sécurité sociale et l'augmentation de leurs dépenses pour des biens de consommation bénéficiera à l'économie dans son ensemble. En définitive, cela peut aider les pays européens à résoudre leurs problèmes de déclin démographique, de vieillissement de la population et de pénurie de main-d'œuvre sur le marché du travail, ce qui profitera à la fois aux réfugiés concernés et aux sociétés d'accueil.
Les parties prenantes de différents horizons se réuniront pour examiner les obstacles et les difficultés rencontrés, et pour débattre d'initiatives visant à favoriser l'intégration des réfugiés au marché du travail.
La manifestation s'inscrit dans le contexte de l'avis du CESE sur l'agenda européen en matière de migration et vise à formuler à l'adresse des institutions de l'UE des recommandations susceptibles d'être incluses dans cet avis.
Parmi les participants à cette conférence, on comptera des représentants de la Commission européenne, du HCR, du service public allemand de l'emploi, d'une fédération d'entreprises et de la société civile.  
Inscrivez-vous, rejoignez-nous et participez aux débats!     
Lieu: CESE, salle de réunion VMA 3, rue Van Maerlant 2,
1040 Bruxelles
Jeudi 15 octobre 2015: de 14h30 à 18h00
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Monday, September 21, 2015

Fwd: Peace Day

Where love exist the war cannot happen......
Published on Sep 20, 2015, Youtube

Today is #PeaceDay – an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence. Please join the loudest call for lasting peace the world has ever seen by marking the day in your homes and communities. Every act of kindness or forgiveness helps us all build peace one day at a time. Get 'ONE', the Peace Day Anthem by Coke Studio Africa here: (Google Play) (iTunes) (Amazon)

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Romanian Musical Summer in London

Romanian Musical Summer in London
Free concerts, fantastic musicians
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An evening with award-winning author Paul Bailey
This summer, Romanians perform the tune of London:

31 July, 1pm | St Martin-in-the-Fields

At the end of July, we're back in St Martin-in-the-Fields' most popular concert series, 'Pianists of the World', with a recital offered by the remarkably gifted young pianist Rebeca Omordia. The programme features works by Sergei Rachmaninoff, Maurice Ravel, John Ireland and Paul Constantinescu. more

11 August, 1pm | St Martin-in-the-Fields

Cellist Teodor Rusu and pianist Paul Cartianu, two of the most eulogised performers of the young generation, render a midsummer musical delight to soundtrack the careless adrift of a London August afternoon. The Salzburg-based Romanian duo's programme peaks with Bartók's energetic Romanian dances after a virtuosic detour through Beethoven, Mozart and Brahms. more

14 August, 1.10pm | St James's Piccadilly

With his teenage heartthrob allure, astonishing dexterity and a daring repertoire, Daniel Ciobanu has taken the British piano circuit by storm. The young pianist, already a recipient of important international accolades, will perform Britten, Chopin and Ravel at St James's Piccadilly as part of a popular recital series set up by the influential piano dealer. MORE

21 August, 1.10pm | St James's Piccadilly

The hottest Romanian cellist of the moment and one of the most charismatic young pianists join forces for a musical sojourn infused by pathos, subtlety and consummate artistry, featuring works by Dvořák, Fauré, Schumann and John Ireland. The recital, taking place in one of the most beautiful churches in London, is supported by the Archery Concert Productions in association with 'The John Ireland Trust' and the Romanian Cultural Institute. more

1 September, 1pm | St Martin-in-the-Fields



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Thursday, July 30, 2015



The research about Creating Your Perfect Health Service. People will just be giving their input, so there is no right or wrong answers - we only need people's opinions.

I just wanted to explain a bit more about the project.  We are working as a research agency for the NHS, so have been asked to organise 8 workshops for people of different nationalities for these workshops.  So we are looking for Eastern European Women /Men / and West Africian and Caribbeans. This will be held locally at THE ALBRIGHTON ROAD, EAST DULWICH SE2 8AH

The discussion workshop will be about services offered by the NHS.  Each person receives £60 cash on the night, for their time but need to be at the workshop for 6-9PM on 4th August.

We are asking for help reaching the Eastern European females, English Speaking participants via social media as we are looking for a lot of people. 

We are also doing some research on Monday 3rd August and running some workshops for residents of Southwark/Lambeth/Lewishamand just looking for some participants of Latin American origin.  

The workshops will be 3hrs and each person receives £60 cash for their time on the night, and the topic of the discussion is around Perfect Health, I am just reaching out to see if you have any contacts/community centres that we can approach so I can see if they can help in any way.

Please contact us if you are interested to take part. 

Kind regards
Theresa Dow
07956 899 039
Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
Finding the right people…is Our Business

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fwd: INVITATION: Cooperation between the public sector and civil society in providing social Services of General Interest: solutions and concepts in Member States Brussels, 29.06.2015

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From: "EESC - Services of General Interest" <>
Date: 15 June 2015 15:50:44 BST
Subject: INVITATION: Cooperation between the public sector and civil society in providing social Services of General Interest: solutions and concepts in Member States  Brussels, 29.06.2015
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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Fwd: Invitation - EESC conference on Effective and reliable welfare provision systems - Brussels, 22 June 2015

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From: "European Economic and Social Committee (SOC)" <>
Date: 9 June 2015 13:46:01 BST
Subject: Invitation - EESC conference on Effective and reliable welfare provision systems - Brussels, 22 June 2015
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Version française ci-dessous
An efficient social policy is based on solidarity and the protection of human rights. Social assistance is necessary where people are not able to meet their basic needs by their own efforts. Public responsibility and solidarity-based financing for modern and effective social and healthcare services are particular features of the European social model.

The purpose of this hearing is to set out principles for public responsibility for effective and reliable welfare provision systems in Europe. The hearing will look at the political and legal conditions needed at EU level in order to maintain and develop effective social benefit systems.
It will, in particular, look into
  1. the role of the European Union,
  2. the roles of the state, the local authorities and the service providers;
  3. the groups of users;
  4. the relationship between money transfer and service provision; and
  5. the accessibility and quality of services.
Invited to discuss these topics are the European Commission, the Social Protection Committee, the European social partners, representatives of welfare and social organisations and researchers.
Where: EESC – Rue Belliard, 99 – room JDE 62
When: 22 June 2015, 9.30 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Une politique sociale compétente repose sur la solidarité et la protection des droits de l'homme. L'aide sociale est nécessaire quand les gens ne sont pas en mesure de satisfaire leurs besoins fondamentaux par leurs propres efforts. La responsabilité publique et le financement solidaire pour des services sociaux et de santé modernes et efficaces sont des caractéristiques particulières du modèle social européen.

Le but de cette audition est d'établir des principes de responsabilité publique pour les systèmes de prestations sociales efficaces et fiables en Europe. L'audition portera sur les conditions politiques et juridiques nécessaires au niveau de l'UE pour maintenir et développer des systèmes efficaces de prestations sociales.
Elle se penchera en particulier sur
  1. le rôle de l'Union européenne;
  2. les rôles de l'Etat, des autorités locales et des prestataires de services;
  3. les groupes d'utilisateurs;
  4. la relation entre le transfert d'argent et la fourniture de services et
  5. l'accessibilité et la qualité des services.
Invités à discuter de ces sujets sont la Commission européenne, le Comité de Protection Sociale, les partenaires sociaux européens, représentants des services sociaux, les organisations sociales et les chercheurs.
Où : CESE - Rue Belliard, 99 - Salle JDE 62
Quand : le 22 Juin 2015, 9h30-13h00

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Kings Place New Season now on sale!

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From: "Kings Place" <>
Date: 29 May 2015 18:15:45 BST
Subject: New Season now on sale!

New Season now on sale!

We are delighted to present our Autumn Season, full to the brim with talent in the arenas of classical, contemporary, folk, jazz and world music, comedy and spoken word. Happy browsing…

Online Savers £9.50 

We are delighted to present our Autumn Season, full to the brim with the very best of classical, contemporary, folk, jazz and world music, comedy and spoken word. Look out for our flagship series Minimalism Unwrapped and returning favourites London Lit Weekend, EFG London Jazz Festival, LIFEM and London Guitar Festival.
Hope to see you at Kings Place soon...

EGF London Jazz Festival
Nik Bärtsch
The Sixteen
The Sixteen

EFG London Jazz Festival
N Bärtsch, D Virelles & A Sheppard
13-14 & 19-20 November

The British premiere of Swiss pianist-composer Nik Bärtsch's work for chamber ensemble plus the UK debut of his new group Mobile Extended launch EFG London Jazz Festival's Kings Place Residency. The second weekend features the David Virelles Quartet and eminent saxophonist Andy Sheppard.


London International Festival of Exploratory Music
Wim Mertens

The Sixteen
Choral Pilgrimage
8 October

Harry Christophers' ensemble takes a trip back to 16th-century Seville, one of the biggest, richest and most cosmopolitan cities on earth. It was during this Spanish 'golden age' where arts and culture flourished. Two influential composers of this period were Guerrero and Lobo, master and disciple.

Read more

London Lit Weekend
Melvyn Bragg

LIFEM'15 at Minimalism Unwrapped

Wim Mertens, Bruno Sanfilippo + more
5 – 8 November

A much-anticipated return from the acclaimed Flemish composer and pianist Wim Mertens opens this year's LIFEM festival, which explores the music of Minimalist pianist-composers. French pianist Sylvain Chauveau, Argentinian composer Bruno Sanfilippo and Berlin-based British composer Greg Haines complete the impressive international line-up.


London Lit Weekend
Melvyn Bragg, John Sutherland + more
3 – 4 October

A small, stimuating festival of talks and discussions to exercise your brain on an autumn weekend. Trollope, Thatcher, inequality, classics, the best essay writers, overrated authors, our fascination with animals... These are just some of the topics the best thinkers and speakers in the field will be discussing over the weekend. Join in!

Read more

Classical highlights
The Little Match Girl Passion
London Guitar Festival 2015
London Chamber Music Series

Minimalism Unwrapped
continues throughout Autumn
until 20 December

The Piano Trios and String Quartets of Michael Nyman, David Lang's Pulitzer award-winning The Little Match Girl Passion, Arvo Pärt's St John Passion from the Choir of King's College, Cambridge, Gavin Bryars' iconic Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet and Terry Riley's In C from Aurora are some of the highlights as the series continues.


London Guitar Festival
Juan Martín, Mabel Millán + more
21 October – 1 November

Offering concerts, classes and workshops, the London Guitar Festival never fails to inspire the guitar aficionados as well as concert audiences. This year, the legendary flamenco guitarist Juan Martín and the Vida Guitar Quartet return to the festival and the talented Spanish guitarist Mabel Millán makes her UK debut.


Chilingirian Quartet
Mozart-Beethoven-Bartók Series
Starting 8 November

London Chamber Music Series commemorates the 70th anniversary of Bartók's death by reconstructing the first UK performances of the complete cycle of his quartets. Each of the six quartets is coupled with one from another groundbreaking series, Beethoven's Op. 18 and one of Mozart's mature quartets.

Read more

Ulla's Odyssey
Far, far away...
Edmund de Waal

Ulla's Odyssey
11, 18 October & 15, 22 November

Award-winning OperaUpClose make their Kings Place debut with the première of fun, feisty, family-friendly Ulla's Odyssey. 16-year-old Ulla, joined by her cat Binnacle, attempts to become the youngest person to sail the world single-handedly in her boat 'The Homer'. Includes live music and puppetry; also suitable for children aged 7+.


Far, Far Away...
Aurora Orchestra
6 – 7 November

Aurora's seasonal concerts for children aged 0-5 and 6+ will this time explore the magical music of Britten in a wild adventure through the House of Secret Sounds. Waltz with silver spoons, roam the hall of mirrors, and do battle with a mischievous bathtub, all brought to life with brand new chamber arrangements of Britten's music.

read more

Celan: Sounds and Vision
Poet in the City & Aurora Orch.
12 November

Kings Place's Resident Orchestra Aurora and Poet in the City join forces to present a unique evening of poetry, music and art, in a celebration of the life and work of Paul Celan. With Edmund de Waal, Prof. Karen Leeder and Aurora players, featuring live music from Berg to Birtwistle, stunning visuals, poetry and discussion.


other highlights
David Constantine
Laugh for Leukaemia!
Kris Drever & Ian Carr

Celebrating Ted Hughes
David Constantine and guests

16 November

Poet in the City presents an event exploring the life and work of Ted Hughes, marking the 50th anniversary of Modern Poetry in Translation. Featuring acclaimed poet and former MPT editor David Constantine, this special event will look at Hughes' poetry and his own translations, celebrating one of the true giants of 20th century poetry.


Laugh for Leukaemia!
Charity Comedy
9 October

Nick Mohammed's Laugh for Leukaemia is back with another stellar secret line-up! Previously we've brought you the likes of Isy Suttie, Alistair McGowan, Sheeps alongside comedy giants such as Daniel Kitson, The Inbetweeners, Tim Key, Sarah Millican and Simon Amstell. In aid of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.

Read more

Kris Drever & Ian Carr
Folk at Kings Place
25 September

Kris Drever (Lau) and Ian Carr are two of the most talented and in-demand acoustic guitarists.
Touring as a duo for the first time, these shows offer an opportunity to hear material from Carr's recently released and highly acclaimed 2015 album Who He? alongside songs from Drever's much loved catalogue.

Read more

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Rautio Piano Trio:
Stravinsky, Weill & Shostakovich
Keyboard Conversations:
Classics Go Pop!
Virginia Black:
Bach, Scarlatti, Rameau & Mozart
Alice in Wonderland
& The Four Seasons
Christoph Richter: The Complete Beethoven Cello Sonatas
Fauré's Verlaine Settings
Academy of St Martin in the Fields Chamber Ensemble:
Mozart, Schubert & Rossini
Leonore Trio: The Complete Beethoven Trios
Wihan Quartet
Martino Tirimo's Schubert:
Great Piano Works III
Fidelio Trio: Beethoven, Ravel, Benjamin Dwyer
Cordelia Williams plays Messiaen
Beethoven Plus! 10 Violin Sonatas + New Commissions
Raphael Wallfisch
& John York 
Penelope Thwaites: A Poet at War
The Vida Guitar Quartet
Afiara Quartet & James Campbell
Keyboard Conversations:
Chopin & Grieg
Rosamunde Trio:
Chauson, Mozart, Brahms

Fine Arts Quartet with Friedrich Lips: Haydn, Podgaits, Schubert
Aurora: Tavener, Adams, Pärt
Endymion & EXAUDI perform Pärt
Cambridge Uni. Chamber Orch.
Joy & James Lisney:
ssian Connections


Minimalism Unwrapped
featuring FitkinWall, CHROMA, The Little Match Girl Passion, Gavin Bryars Ensemble, Mikhail Karikis, JUICE, Tom Kersten's G Plus Ensemble, Piano Circus, NONCLASSICAL and more
LIFEM (London International Festival of Exploratory Music)
Wim Mertens, Bruno Sanfilippo, Sylvain Chauveau & Greg Haines
Ulla's Odyssey


Martin Ford: The Rise of the Robots 
Technology and the Threat of Mass Unemployment
An Evening with Richard Dawkins
My Life in Science
I'm Black So You Don't Have to Be
Rose Tremain
The Art of the Short Story
Inspector Rebus returns
Ian Rankin on his new novel
'Even Dogs in the Wild'
Silenced Voices
Freedom of Artistic Expression
Rock'n' Roll Politics 
with Steve Richards



Alice in Wonderland
Cellophony Family Concert
Discovering Beethoven
with Leonore Trio
Hubbub: A Musical Adventure
Aurora Orch. & actor Josie Rattigan
Far, far away...
Aurora Orchestra Family Concerts
Ulla's Odyssey


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