Saturday, May 19, 2007


177 Firhill Road, London, SE6 7LN

On the 10th of JUNE

Entrance: £10.00 – include the following 3 options menu:

1) 4 “mititei” (Romanian barbecue sausages), bread and mustard;
2) 4 “sarmale” (stuffed cabbaged rolls), sour cream and bread;
3) combination of the above options;
+ a bottle of wine for 2 persons and mineral water Borsec

Artistic events (starting at 3pm): story telling sessions, violin and piano playing and belly dancing.

Note: Please bring children and encourage them to present a short artistic program: recite a poem (Romanian or English), playing an instrument, singing a song, painting, etc.

A variety of folk and modern music for everyone’s taste.

For travelling directions please use this link:

Project director: Izabela Aldea (
Please confirm your attendance by email or phone:
Izabela: 07960 865 364
John: 07940 705 544

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