Monday, October 27, 2014

"Capturing Carpathia" by George Butler Monday 27 October 2014, London

Global Heritage Fund UK with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute in London opened today the exhibition 
"Capturing Carpathia" by George Butler. 

On display is an exhibition of drawings that illustrate life in the Carpathian Villages of Transylvania , exploring portraits and scenes of daily life of rural Romania.

"I know all the names of all the people I drew; I know where they live; they know who I am. It's personal and I hope all of those things come across in the images", says the artist George Butler. 
The caracters become animated on incredibile light and details of the artist inspiration. For a moment you expect to hear music of the forest or the cristal wisper of the source going down in the valey. A remarkable deep view , just enough to feel again home. 
To complete the serie of All Romanian events there are 2 more occasion to explore the riche expression of Romanian life :

Dracula Untold Screening 

NBC Universal Private Screening Room
Central Saint Giles
St. Giles High Street
WC2H 8AG London
United Kingdom
Many thanks to the organisers. 

Dr. Ionela Flood
Romanca Society 

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