Sunday, September 23, 2012

Free financial advice for Romanians living in UK

My name is Simeon and I am independent financial adviser.
I help people to manage their finances. I have helped many people in life so far and I would like to be of help to you too. I could guide you to the right life financial decision the way I have guided many people here in U.K to manage their life sensibly and to retire comfortably.My services could be still FREE* of charge to you if you see me before 31.12.2012. After that date the Financial system in the U.K changes drastically and you are not going to be able to use my initial consultation for free but rather you need to pay a flat /hourly fee. To prevent you incurring those charges, and to save you money on fees, I would like to offer you a solution now. Maybe you need to secure your pension or protect your family or just make sure that if you fall ill for more than 3 months you will have some money available on your side.I could do all that for you. Or maybe someone has advised you to take a policy before and you do not need it anymore or cannot afford it.It means I could save you some money doing it at a lower cost or removing it completely. 

If you think this might concern you just give me a call on 0750 615 4 614 or email me at and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Simeon Iliev
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