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Fw: Declaration : Staffan Nilsson, President of the European Economic and Social Committee

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Subject: Declaration : Staffan Nilsson, President of the European Economic and Social Committee


No 28/2012

21 May 2012


Staffan Nilsson, President of the European Economic and Social Committee

Now is the time for more, not less, Europe

On the eve of the European Summit on 23 May, the President of the European Economic and Social Committee once again calls for leadership, clarity and resolve in order to ensure the future development of the European Union. 

The EESC's proposal for a European Growth Pact, co-financed by Eurobonds in order to boost investments, bringing together all its different players, would be the powerhouse for practical responses to the current crisis. Such a European plan for growth would restore employment, cut debt, and regenerate trust and hope in the future of the EU.

We must have the courage to look at the current crisis from multiple perspectives. There is no single solution. In our opinions issued over recent years we have called on leaders to match fiscal discipline with sustainable growth. National governments must assume their responsibilities and adopt balanced measures to make Europe competitive again. Europe still needs responsible budget management, policies dedicated to attract private investment and structural reforms, when required.

We need more Europe, not less.

·               We need deeper European integration, in which responsibilities are shared, risks mutualised and resources jointly leveraged to create debt instruments and a growth model which is credible, coherent and sustainable.

·               We need a Europe of true solidarity and respect for all citizens.

·               We need a Europe of democracy, both representative and participatory.

Europe has always managed to move forward at times of crisis: let us seize this opportunity, so that the European Union emerges from this crisis with new strengths.   

For further reference:

EESC Opinion ECO/307 Restarting Growth – Growth and Sovereign debt in the EU: two innovative proposals, Rapporteur: Mr Carmelo Cedrone

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